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This literally had me laughing out loud from the title page, on. I appreciate your humor and diligence in finishing your 1st game, especially under a jam deadline. Great work! Here's my let's play:

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"STOP THAT BAYBEH" lol this gave me a good laugh and plays well, nice work!

Link to my game:$15179

Heres My game bro your game was great

Do you have any screenshots / gameplay gifs? Would love to see how it looks, but have no windows to play it on…

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yeah definitely, here are a few screenshots! im not really sure how to make gameplay gifs yet, so i cant do that. and sorry the only way to play is a downloadable .exe, im super new to all of this stuff so im learning.

you can also check out JenniNexus's let's play:

congrats again on against the void! it turned out great, i really like it!